Most Anticipated Albums of 2015



2015 is poised to be a great year in music and I can’t wait for several new album releases.  Here are a few of the albums I’m giddy about and a playlist of new releases and some of my favorites to tide you over.

RADIOHEAD – TBA//Release date: TBA

Radiohead is one of my favorite bands and I can’t wait for a new album release as they never disappoint.  Few bands can match Radiohead’s disruptive nature both in sound and commercial.  They are one of a kind and can listen to their albums from start to finish – which is rare these days.

LAURA MARLING – SHORT MOVIE//Release date: March 24th via Ribbon

This folk singer-songwriter created a sound of her own as soon as she burst onto the scene.  Her fifth studio album is sure to be a success as made evident by her new release “Short Movie“.

THE DECEMBERISTS – WHAT A TERRIBLE WORLD, WHAT A BEAUTIFUL WORLD//Release date: January 20th via Capitol Records

It’s been almost four years since we’ve heard anything new from The Decemberists.  You can’t fault this group for taking time off to focus on their families, but happy to hear they’re coming back with their new LP.  “Make You Better” is the first release from their upcoming album and brings be back to why I fell in love with their sound.

MODEST MOUSE – STRANGERS TO OURSELVES//Release date: March 3rd via Epic Records 

It’s been a while since we’ve heard from this eclectic group and have high hopes for their sixth album.  It’s interesting that they chose “Lampshades on Fire” as their lead single since they’ve been playing this one live since 2011.

MY MORNING JACKET – TBA//Release date: April

This album was actually supposed to release last year and it’s finally happening in 2015.  From what I’ve read, they have already produced about 24 songs they considered “solid contenders”.  We don’t have anything to preview just yet, but I’m anticipating something pretty wonderful from MMJ.

ADELE – TBA//Release date: TBA

Who doesn’t love this songbird?! Even though most of the ladies have probably had a good cry singing “Someone Like You“, her powerhouse voice and swoon-worthy lyrics make her such a talented musician.  I’m certain her next release will be worth the wait.

BAND OF HORSES – TBA//Release date: TBA

This Southern rock ensemble dives right into the core and evokes introspection in so many of us.  It’s been five years since we’ve heard a proper LP and can’t wait to hear what emotions they will stir inside of us this time.

BEACH HOUSE – TBA//Release date: TBA

I remember the first time I heard “Zebra” in my yoga class and had to get my hands on more.  Their sound is haunting and soothing at the same time.  They were in the habit of releasing an album every two years, but we never heard from them last year.  Here’s to hoping we see a fifth LP in 2015.  Til then, we have this untitled new song performed in October to enjoy.


Sadly, Chris Walla played his last show with Death Cab for Cutie on September 13,2014 at Rifflandia Festival – bittersweet to say the least.  Although he won’t be touring with the band, he will appear on their forthcoming eighth studio album set to launch sometime this year.  Looking forward to see what they have planned.

JAMES BLAKE – TBA//Release date: TBA

He enticed us by dropping some singles toward the end of the year in a preview EP.  Hoping to hear the rest of it this year.  Blake dropped a few vague details about working with Kanye West which would be the first time he has collaborated with West.  Curious and excited how the collaboration influences his captivating sound.

MIGUEL – TBA//Release date: TBA

Oh Miguel you sultry man you.  He captivated us in 2012 as one of the most exciting R&B acts and released great singles to keep us going since.  Well Miguel, we have waited long enough!  One of my favorites couldn’t be added to the playlist since it’s not on Spotify (gerr) – you will find Simplethings on repeat around me.  If “hollywooddreams” is a taste of what’s to come, I want more!


The first time I heard this British folk band I remember saying “who are these guys; they’re incredible”.  After their last tour they took an indefinite hiatus.  Now, it appears they are working on new original songs for their third studio album.  I hope this is true because we could use more Marcus Mumford in our lives.

RIHANNA – TBA//Release date: TBA

Oh RiRi – not only has she reemerged on Instagram, but now her eighth studio album may drop sooner than expected.  Speaking of Instagram, she recently chose this as a medium to share a song snippet.  It’s rumored that she may have two surprise albums up her sleeve – one titled #R8 and the second could be a film soundtrack with David Guetta, according to The Daily Star.


The legendary Billy Corgan has been on a roll lately.  Early last year  he said he was working on two albums – one with Tommy Lee on drums and the other would be a “doom metal” record.  Last year he released the first of the pair, Monuments to an Elegy.  Hopefully he will keep the momentum going and release the second this year.  Does this mean the “doom metal” record is to come?