Reset and Refresh

After a long summer of overindulging on rosé and BBQ, I recently decided to give my body a reset.  I’ve done a few juice cleanses and admittedly wanted to give up after day one.  Knowing the three day cleanse was just a little too long for me, I made the decision to embark on a two day cleanse.

Cleanses are controversial to some people and I’ve read both the good and the bad.  I see both sides of the coin, but ultimately drinking organic fruits and veggies for a few days was a good thing for me.

Now, if you’ve ever done a cleanse before you know there are always a few of those juices that are tough to put down.  The green juice has always been a struggle for me, but I know it’s packed with nutrients.  After researching my options, I chose JuiceRx in my neighborhood.  I’ve tried their juices before and like the flavor and options they provide.  Before we go any further, JuiceRx did not pay me to do this post or offer me free product.  But, after doing this post I will gladly accept if they do 😉  Anyway, they offer a variety of options and you can customize your own cleanse which is a great option.

Here’s my line-up of juices I selected…

IMG_0677 Okay now let’s get real about what really happens during a cleanse people…

Day 1:  Here we go…

I woke up thinking I’m going to own this cleanse!  Took a nice 4 mile walk before cracking open my first juice.  My first three were awesome and I was feeling pretty good as I had meetings throughout the day to keep my mind off of food.  My favorite was the “Liquid Lipo”.  As the day went on, I started to fade and start thinking about food.  Confession, I had to pop a few mints just to chew something- phew that felt good to admit.  Then came the kicker, I had to meet friends out and watch them eat and drink while I sipped on my evening green juice.  Note to self, don’t make plans to go to a restaurant your first day of cleansing.  At the end of the night I was just plain hangry!  But, I came home and drank my delicious coconut milk and all was right again.

Day 2:  Suck it up…

I felt great when I woke up and packed my juices for the day.  As soon as I got to work I had my first juice to kick start my system.  My goal for the day was to drink as much water as possible in between juices.  I didn’t do a great job of that day one and wanted to get the most out of the cleanse.  The day went on and I got to my 4th juice which was a different green one and I hate to say it but it was not good.  I had to put that one over ice and suck it down with a straw – like I said, some of the green ones are tough for me.  By the end of the day I was feeling pretty good.  The constant bathroom breaks were annoying through out the day with all of the liquid consumption, but can’t really complain.  I ended my day and cleanse with a cheers to myself.

All in all, the juice was worth the squeeze!  Two days isn’t bad, but I decided that a straight juice cleanse just isn’t for me.  I think supplementing a few meals with juice is a good combination and would like to try that moving forward.  However, I enjoyed ridding my body of the bloat and giving myself a little reboot.

If you’re looking for a juice cleanse I would recommend JuiceRx.  I like supporting local businesses and just love their friendly staff.  They’re always so helpful and let you sample their juices which is great.  And if you aren’t in the area, you can also get them delivered if you’re up for the challenge.



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