Friday Top Five

Happy Friday!  It’s so good to be back in Michigan for Christmas with my family.  I didn’t want to over pack because I love shopping with my Mom and Sister while I’m home.  Some of this week’s goodies are on the shopping list.  Especially because I love texture and there’s no shortage of velvet and faux fur this season.  Enjoy and Merry Christmas!


faux fur coat//pullover//booties//saddle bag//frilly skirt




4 thoughts on “Friday Top Five

      1. So a few years ago I saw you on, but sadly my attempts to get a reply were unsuccessful. Strangely, a week later you showed up on my LinkedIn feed as “someone I may know” and that’s where I found your blog 😉 You had the same profile pic, which I instantly recognized.

        Don’t worry, I no longer live in Chicago but your “general awesomeness” is still intriguing to me!


      2. Hello! Well first of all, I am flattered and I appreciate you commenting and reaching out. That has been a few years now…where did you move to and do I get to find out who you are anyway? 🙂


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