February Must-Dos

Although February is a shorter month, it’s typically a challenging one for me.  The days are gray and Spring is so close yet so far away.  We’ve been pretty lucky with the weather this winter – only one snowstorm so far (knock on wood).  In the spirit of maintaining positivity and focus on the good things, I’ve creating my list of my “must-dos” for this month to help combat the winter blues err grays.  Let’s see how many I can cross off over the next 28 days.

Feb Must-Dos

  • Try a new restaurant: Restaurant week is here and a great time to try new places at affordable prices.
  • Treat myself to a spa day: Either at home or the spa, I’m going to set aside a day to de-stress.
  • Host an Oscar party: I love having my friends over and I have yet to host an Oscar party.  Let the menu planning commence!
  • Stimulate the mind: Reading is a great escape and want to make sure I’m having fun and learning as well.  I want to switch things up and read a book for fun and for work.
  • Connect with friends: I fall into the trap of texting friends a quick hello or sending an email to check in.  Friends near or far, I want to make more of a priority to chat with them over the phone.
  • Take a cooking class: If you read my blog you know I love to cook.  I can always brush-up on my skills and learn new recipes.  This is a great way to spend time with friends and do something different.
  • Mind and body workout: Classes are my jam.  I’m an avid Pure Barre and Flywheel enthusiast.  However, I think it’s time to add yoga back into my routine to reap both the physical and mental benefits.
  • Watch more movies: Every time I go to the movie theater, I wonder why I don’t go more often.  There are so many great movies out right now and I can’t wait to check em out.

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